Sunday, January 03, 2016

teething on treason

have you ever thought back on the things you used to say and think? do they make you wonder what the fuck you were about with this shit? i know i do.

"i've been reading israeli blogs to get a feel for whats up in the east. i havent gone over to the lebanese blogs yet, but i'm getting there. i managed to start a low grade flamewar with an anonymous commenter on the israeli blog i was checking out. it was quite obvious from his poor grammar and spelling and oddly shallow yet aggressive mindset that he was american. the real giveaway was how he kept quoting michael savage. it was funny to me, because he was talking about the enemy within on an israeli blog, with people who have probably never heard of savage, let alone the enemy within thing. it's a whole book, for peter's sake. this anonymous ameriki was ranting about how in a time of war, if people were protesting against the war, we would (read: should) arrest them for treason. most of the israeli and lebanese commenters pointed out that americans are always too ready to denounce that which our country was founded on. (free speech, for one)

as usual, the answer lies somewhere in the middle. yes, in a time of war (what time isnt a time of war these days, for any people of earth?) we must be vigilant and watch for treasonous and seditious enemies of our states, within our own borders, and protect ourselves. but consider the fact that now, although we are not at war with any specific country, not officially, for what its worth, we have leftist senators and congressman rooting for al qaida and hizballah simply because if the terrorists gain ground, so will bush lose ground, along with his party. no thoughts for the innocents that might die on the road to re-election. consider also the case of the new york times and its lewd and perverse relationship with the CIA, enabling them to come across valuable national security information and then publish it for the american people and those who wish to destroy our way of life to see. these are all people and organizations running free within our "democracy", and i have seen no charges brought against them. at the same time as the left tries to destroy our country under the false flag of diversity and "the common man", the right in this country is busy inviting anyone south of the border to come on in and live off of our taxpayers. nevermind the millions of people waiting impatiently in line to come to our fine country, if you are from mejico, you get a free pass to the front of the line! free tacos, and free healthcare. all you have to do is trudge your sweaty, downtrodden ass across the border. dont worry, there is no fence. just welcoming border patrol agents, and goodwill emissaries with bottles of water.

i raised the point with this fellow, that if we should prosecute simple, peaceful, (although perhaps ignorant and sometimes violent) demonstrators, then why should we not try those at the highest levels of government, and those who sit in their ivory towers of the media establishment, for their treasonous actions? for one, our system has no recourse through which the people can bring down the fools who claim to represent them and shame them in the streets. once in office, you can believe that they will stay in office. for a good, long time. representative republic, my ass!"

an angry young man i was. obviously dissatisfied with the offerings from the talk radio, and not presented with any decent offerings from the nonexistent left media, and saturated by the blogosphere of the times, i really had no fucking idea what i was talking about. sure, i was passionate. but even in this vehement rant, which i look back upon now as being completely ignorant, i notice a constant: a burning anger that the whole thing is a crock of slow cooking bullshit that makes "sides" look like wrinkled little pork rinds. my youthful anger was easily co-opted into some shit that doesn't make a fuck of difference no matter whose side i fell in with. children, youth, young adults in the US - join me in being FUCK ALL pissed off that we don't have shit we can get behind, and are instead distracted by "both sides" and now even with "micro aggressions" and ever-more inane talking points that serve only to further enslave us and every child we birth into a bewilderingly ignorant future. fuck what i've been taught and fuck what i was ever exposed to. this is ridiculous and always has been.

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