Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the squid from the underwater mario levels

Everything about human interaction and communication that people take for granted seems so strange to me. Not because i'm afraid or anxious, i just get these moments where it freaks me out for a second. i'm like "damn, look at all these life forms. listen to their mouth sounds, i cant believe i understand this and can translate all this social nuance and signals and whatnot." all of these beings, moving through the space i'm in, all of them conscious of themselves in different ways, yet oblivious to so many things. willfully omitting from their perception certain indescribable truths and realities in order to live their "normal" lives.

damn. i want to write but i cant find the groove. i guess i'm not drunk or pissed off enough. be back in a few beers.


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Carlei said...

Three months and countless beers later. ^_^