Friday, May 07, 2010

2 weeks... again

man i'm pissed. what the fuck is this shit. i come home and there are flies everywhere. before i come home there is a shitstorm at work.

yes... work. arbys. the legendary clusterfuck. my previous manager is dead. with her died any hope of a successful and happy work environment. when she got promoted out of the store i had high hopes for her, and i hoped also for a decent replacement. instead we get this guy. why does the restaurant industry attract passive aggressive psychopaths? he's alright one minute. a great guy, and a good boss, really. but the next minute he's a fucking lunatic. his main problem is absenteeism. how can you expect to run a store if you're never there? managers in my company get salaried for 50 hrs a week. my last boss was there for like 70. and not just shuffling papers or dicking off. she was right there, in the trenches, working just as hard and most of the time harder than everyone else. she was psycho too, but in a different way. the guy i'm dealing with now is unreadable. this is a guy who can sit in the dining room shuffling papers and trying to call a meeting with me while two people are working the store, running 15 minute wait times and serving raw meat. totally clueless. he recently rearranged the office so the the monitor is up against the back wall, enabling him to completely turn his back on the store, the staff, and anything that might be going on out there. talking about sticking your head in the sand.

back to the 50 hrs a week thing. so everyday i get in at 5 and i look at the punches and hes clocked in at 8 when he really got there between 9 and ten. ok, understandable. i wouldnt come in early if i was in his shoes. but the thing that galls me is when i have to punch him out at 6 when he actually split before 3pm. i havent seen the guy for almost two weeks straight. he works less hours than i do and im not even there for 40! now this wouldnt be so bad except that even for the hours that he's there there is no participation. his way of motivating people is to yell and threaten to fire them or write them up. in the cookbook of management, the recipes would say to use this type of attitude sparingly. luckily for me i dont have to work with him because he's always gone by the time i get there. the problem is that since he's gone by the time i get there, there is absolutely zero communication between him and i. so i'll only learn about important things or changes in policy secondhand at best, not at all at worst. we started to keep a notebook log of all manager communications to attempt to remedy this, which worked for a few weeks. but as of now i've written countless things in there, questions and statements that demand action and answers, and gotten almost nothing in return. not the least of which being a health inspection which had issues that needed to be addressed. after several days of no communique and inaction i wrote some questions in there about how we should address the issues raised in the inspection. so instead of thinking it through and answering me on all points, he highlights the minor questions and gives snippy answers that dont solve the problem.

you know what? i dont really give a fuck anymore. go ahead and fail your health inpection follow up. because i'm out of there. i finally found another job. it pays less, but it's closer to home and its not located in some shithole outskirt of town. go ahead and let the store run to shit while you blame everyone but yourself. shit rolls downhill man, and you're at the top. what i'm going to do is get the fuck out of the way.

it was nice when times were good, but now that things are spinning down the drain all you can do is be a dick and leave the store as soon as you get there. the crew doesnt much care for your attitude and neither do i. every day i come in and the place looks like a fucking hurricane came through, there is no product prepped or tempered, the dining room is a mess and i look around and there is no one but me to try and get shit back the way its supposed to look. this wouldnt be so bad if we were staffed accordingly, but it winds up being three people to clean up after you and your crew as well as deal with our withering dinner rush.

you wonder why your food cost is so high? i'll tell you why. at the same time as ARG in its infinite wisdom decided to launch a dollar menu, our back office software got reset. couple that with no one counting inventory on a regular basis and no established system of tracking waste and you've got a mess on your hands. and leaving a bunch of passive aggressive all caps notes about how no one eats for free, nothing gets thrown out and everyone is fucking up is not going to solve your problem. asking us to leave everything we throw out in a single trashcan and then put it on the desk for you to go through is fucking retarded. you want your bonus back? you want the higher ups to get off your ass? try a little thing called leadership. call a meeting, address the issue. let everyone know what the problem is and how we are going to solve it instead of just turning into a 300 pound preschooler and throwing a shitfit and expecting everyone else to take care of the problem for you when they dont even know what they're doing wrong! i walked in on someone today making a recipe with double the amount of meat that it called for and she's been doing this for months! was it her fault? was she wasting product on purpose? no! she had been trained wrong and there was no one there to correct her when she fell off course. big surprise there when you consider the fact that "training" in our store consists of reading a vague sheet of corporate instructions and signing the bottom stating that you understand, whether you do or not. no demonstration, no questions and answers, just a blind assumption that everyone will "get it". this may not be rocket surgery but we are not staffed with astral physicists.

basically not only are we dealing with the "everything must be a total clusterfuck at all times" arbys mindset, we have a person in charge who is totally incapable of leading his people through this morass of corporate insanity.

i'm sick of dealing with a person who expects way more out of his people than what he is willing to give them. its garbage to think that the store just "runs itself". if you're in charge, you have a responsibility to make sure that things run the way they should. coming in late and leaving early everyday is not the way to get that done. your food cost is high because of a software reset, poor inventory tracking, and the introduction of a vastly discounted new value menu. and to top that all off, as if we arent fucked enough right now, we are dropping fucking coupons this week. cue the sycophantic upper management myrmidons wondering out loud "wow, we're so busy, yet we're over on labor cost and we're not making any profit! food cost is out of control!" well, lets see. if you are selling something and making money, then you decide to give it away for free or at a tremendous discount, you are going to start losing money. man, i didnt even have to go to college to fucking figure that one out. anyone remember the great roastburger giveaway of 2009? or after that when they gave away "patty" melts for a month? or for the rest of that summer when every wednesday we gave something away for free? great business model assholes!

couple that with a corporate leadership so inept that they cant even capitalize consistently on their own goddamn buzzwords such as "five fer five" or "5.01 combo". am i the only one who saw the total lack of follow through on this? you introduce a bunch of combos for "five oh one" because they're "worth the extra penny" then not even a month later you come out with a dollar menu...

........ are you seeing where i'm going with this?

you spent all this money getting a new concept in customer's heads of being different for charging that extra penny for your slop and you cant even think hard enough to figure out that maybe you should carry that over to your new dollar menu? instead of "new 1.01 menu, worth the extra penny, just like the combos we just advertised" you totally trash all of the marketing capital you just spent on a huge ad campaign and you start over with "um, its like they give you bang for a buck, but we give you... um like ka boom"


i cant even begin to talk about the vagaries that we went through on the various recipe changes, product revisions, policy changes, procedure changes, etc. suffice it to say that my franchise decided to deride the corporate edict and not apply any of the "big new changes" that were taking place because after years of working with the crackheads at ARG in atlanta they knew that as soon as we enacted the new changes they would send us a revision, then as soon as we took care of that we would receive another, and another, and another, until finally those fools forgot what they were going on about and moved on to some new corporate mandate that had little to do with the actual running of the business. our company decided to wait it out until they had undone their little procedural wedgie and go with the final revisions.

also, who the fuck launches a new value menu that is supposed to launch your business back into sustainability and then makes the drive thru point of purchase advertisement so fucking microscopic that NO ONE CAN SEE IT?

arbys restaurant group, thats who. bunch of fucking retarded, overpaid corporate schmucks. fuck these guys. there should be a tried and true fast food law that states:

when you work in the corporate arm of a foodservice establishment, any change to procedures and practices must be carried out for at least one month in an actual restaurant location by the people who formulated the plan for change. only then can a change go forward in committee to be established nationwide at the franchise level.

if these fucking suits got a load of the shit they were dropping on people and actually had to deal with it themselves they might, MIGHT think about making things a little more practical before they decide to mandate the adoption of new practices.

anyway, i'm quitting. i found a new job, for less money, thats closer to home. i may run into the same problems, in fact i know i will. but it will be from the standpoint of a powerless employee instead of a powerless manager. i'll be able to clock in, work, clock out and go home and not know about any of the insanity going on with the corporate side of things. and that makes me very happy. thankfully i'm almost done with school so i can say for sure that this is a temporary gig and i'll be out of there before the one year mark.

i stayed at this job longer that i've every stayed at any other, and they've made me regret it more and more every day. no wonder i used to change jobs every year.

fuckin rejects. work a day in the trenches and you'll see how business really is.