Monday, March 29, 2010

also, this

poetry written while under the influence of drugs? why yes, we have that too! here is a sample:

i've seen you now
i know why you had to die.
i know why

i can see
it must end
to be set free

squeezing through a hole cut for one
everything and everyone
leaving only me

it hurts me to leave you
until i'm gone
but it hurts you to lose me
so i'll stay,
for now.

but now i know why
i have to die.


psychic seduction
emotional vampiromancy
clinging on even through the host's defenestration

why do you need someone else to feel whole?
how can you tell me that i'm lying
when i'm just not telling you anything at all?

the only words i have
would cut you to pieces
and they are only hurtful
because they are true.


when you understand why shamans go through a symbolic death, you understand the struggle of life, and the way they help others through it. try and die sometime, and you will know your life.


several thousand sickles, synonymous with sound

i want to make a new travel show. i want to show the food and scenery as i see it through my eyes, from salisbury maryland to san antonio and back. this may be a result of me drinking an entire bottle of thunderbird and a sixteen ounce beer. whatever the case, things are changing for other friends of mine. some are moving out, some are moving in. life is always in flux, yet mine is in a stasis. i have to work to get out of this. what the hell am i waiting for? fried pork skin and blue crabs. flashing lights and cornfields as far as you can see. whats the story behind that? i'm pretty sure i'm the only one who can really tell you. all i can say now is that i will try. and i will do it utilizing fire.