Sunday, July 19, 2009

aclu moves to stop tortwig of pokeball detainees

i, i , i, i, i , i , i just dont know no more. if your're going to put out something that's addictive in so many ways, and give it away for FREE why wouldnt you expect it to sell(?) like hotcakes and adjust accordingly? why would you mandate that a freezing cold sandwich be made with continually heated sauce when you microwave the fucking thing at the end of your ridiculous process anyway?

is anyone asking these questions? apparently not.

and apparently, if there are several thousand reports of incredible service from consumers, the only emails you get regard the horrible experiences of the few.

i cant even expound upon this. you know what i'm saying. are you doing a good job? well stop that! start doing better!

fuck this shit.

there really is nothing to say anymore. i've fucking said it all. we've gone through 4 measures and we're back on the ONE james brown style. listen to some dnb and you'll hear what i mean.

just stop. stop looking at me like that and stop fucking saying those things. i dont want to hear them and you dont want to say them, although they're true just dont bring it up. go home and remember nothing dont think about the things that brought this about and stop thinking about what you could have done differently and change yourself. with all that lewt you could have made bailey's taxi rich but now you're just wondering why it all happened. the signs were everywhere.

i hope i'm not ignoring those signs.

sometimes i feel like i'm just fucked.

next week i'll change it all. yes. yes i will.

i'll get back to you on whether things are different.

fuck fuck fuck.

thank you for the affectations, and for the affection. thank you for releasing a huge cyst off of my soul, popping a massive blister. i'm a little miffed that it came with lasting scars for another and minor nuisance for me. they'll hang on, for dear life when my ship leaves.

please let my tugboat start to putter out of port. i'm ready to leave! i'm pretty sure the others on the ship have reservations about where we're going and will pussy out and stay home.

things are going to get more expensive. what the fuck am i going to do? anyone want a roomate that will be too close for comfort?


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