Monday, May 25, 2009

scandal mongers, sequins and slush

never before have i been baffled in bosworth. i still havent! lightning strikes deadly as thunders rolls on, i hear the buzz of new music, free and without pretense, from parts of the world i can only hope i will one day see. a long road lies ahead, yet the end is in sight. when it's over, it's like i didnt walk it at all. when it's over, i dont remember anything. i miss being home, though i dont remember it. i cherish memories i cant access. a fount of numbness is always at hand, to slake the thirst for something to feel. can we get this over with? i want to move to the next level. i want to move. i want lots of motion.

i want to go faster. time should speed up, and as it is relative, there should be a way to overclock it. ha HA!

are we finished here?

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UmbrellaDown said...

I relate to your lust for movement. This spring/summer's been eventful for me for a change! there were days when I was only home for a few hours at a time. Just the other day, I was thinking of the fact that I don't want it all to end.

I want it to continue. I want to continue taking dance rock bands from brooklyn out for beer and pizza with my friends and I "showing them salisbury" ha!, I want to sleep over in french exchange student's houses that I've met a week prior. I want to dj folks' low key yet elaborate weddings.. I want more of this.

But, I still want the sense of moderation to sit back, have quiet-think time to reflect on all this, and have someplace, if only makeshift, to call home.

and I also this sharing these things with you might be fun. I'm also done with wor-wic.