Wednesday, July 23, 2008

real stick construction, pennies on the dinar

you know what really bugs me? when i'm working in the drive thru, wind blowing 140 miles an hour, and every single customer tries to hand me their cash a different way. some do the fold the change up in the bills and toss it thing, hoping it will somehow magically get into my hand. others prefer to weakly hold the bills between pinky and ring finger while hiding change somewhere on top or below the bills, so that no matter how i grab it i lose either the change or the cash. or they lean in and out trying to make sure i've got it, moving it everywhere even though my hand is perfectly still, waiting for them to finally figure out the target area.

change on top, change on the bottom, this is a petty detail. who gives a damn as long as the money changes hands neatly and quickly?

here's a tip: cash first, change second. or change first, cash second. whatever you do, do it swiftly, decisively, and separately.

and stop throwing the money on the counter when you come inside. you expect me to be able to see all that change and the crumpled bills you piled up in front of the massive point of purchase advertisements all over my counter? hand it to me like a person, dont throw it at me like i'm a coin chute at a tollway.

its a wonder fast food workers dont go on killing sprees more often.

one more year... can i last that long?


staticwarp said...

The one thing that I remember clearly about the Arbys drive thru here in Salisbury next to Wi-middle and the park was the bizarre method by which money was exchanged.
Don't you remember the revolving metal door!? that thing was odd. you put your form of payment down and then they revolved the door to leave the customer facing a metal slab, and turned it again to the open side to reveal your food and change.. You never actually saw the face of the person behind the window. Please tell me you remember this.

I think it would make your job easier, if not creepier. Anyway, I really think you should read this book:

I really enjoyed it and her writing style is hilarious, sarcastic, witty and very entertaining.

UmbrellaDown said...

that was me =). As you know by now, somehow I was logged in as you..