Monday, February 18, 2008

what sort of life is this

and it was stupid. but it was what i wanted. all night i thought of what

i wanted to do, and i thought "i wish ariel was here, to enojoy this

music with me, to read a book next to me. through the day i was happy,

and i wished that i could have someone to sit next to me and read, to be

there and appreciate the pretense of just being together and loving the

silence. to listen to the music of many different cultures and love a

story of proportions impossible to the world of the living. when

circumstances provided an out, a way for me to live my dream to the

fullest, souls rallied and made the point moot, for years to come. my

life, my life. what gods have played out my fate on their board? it goes

on and on. i feel them hate me from all sides, but it is temporary. what

comes tomorrow? i can only hope that a distillate will temper the pain

that i feel every day.




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