Monday, August 14, 2006

never again, no me gusta el comida china

well, i'm not swearing it off, just not in such large quantities. i fear i may never shit again.

i've been sitting here for 4 hours. that's half my shift.

i'm such a bastard. i guess i'll go do something now...

you know as good as singapore mei fun and szechuan wontons are, dont eat them three days in a row. at least, not the whole container, of both, three times, in three days.

i dont recommend it.

all day i have looked exactly like i just fell out of bed. i cant get my eyes to open up.

i am both excited and nervous, for my poonem doth come to me, and i leave on the monday. i still have some things to do, and of course i just realized these things now that i have a mere 3 days left to do them. hooray, procrastination, welcome, indigestion.

i like how i can have 24 friends on my front page, and only six of them are people i actually know. the rest are bands which i dearly love. i need to update that thing... maybe one day when i have nothing better to do.

oh, cool new blogs:

i usually link but i'm too tired to tag. i think i may be on the verge of some sort of intestinal epiphany, and i'm going to get some coffee to make sure that i see the light.

hail the porcelain gods!!


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