Thursday, July 20, 2006

no more scientists

oh, but does anyone really care? about anything, really. here and there, yes, i'm sure, but i mean come on.

so how much of a bitch is moving, man? i mean really. i have to tell my folks, give notice at my job, make sure i have enough saved, roll over my 401k into a roth ira or whatever it is that you do, hope that my jalopy makes it all the way there, and a whole host of other things. meanwhile you are dealing with apprehension, because you are still in your comfortable surroundings, and you are thinking, "well, if i dont make it out by such and such a date, it will be fine because i can just leave the next month" and shit like that. one problem:

i have been thinking that for the past 5 years!

if i continue to allow myself to be placated and lulled into complacency by the wiles of this horrendous place, i will wake up soon to my 50th birthday and realize i have not moved an inch! it is not possible for one such as myself to stay in one place like this and be in the least bit happy. i have to just throw down and leave, no matter what the consequences, no matter what i might overlook, no matter what i will realize i have forgotten to do, for once i get there, i'm there man! i am not at the place i once was. sure, this will open up new problems and challenges, but they will be NEW problems and challenges! i cannot abide by this place any longer. come september, i will be posting from good ole' san antonio. this i can assure you.

perhaps then my posts will be interesting to more than 1.5 people.


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