Friday, June 09, 2006

three wishes...

this comes up often when i'm daydreaming. i've considered many options over the years, thought extensively on what i would do when presented with the typical genie/lamp/rubbing scenario. wealth beyond my wildest dreams? no, not really. great power and rule over other people? overrated. ability to fly? please.

think language, people. to be able to read and write every human language ever spoken or written on this planet. to revoke the biblical story of babel, at least for myself, and have every communication barrier stripped away. to know what that sign in chinatown says. to greet and converse with the indian, the pakistani, the latino, the rapper. to break down one of the strongest barriers between cultures: language. i meet so many great people every day, but will never get to know many of them because they dont speak my language, and vice versa.

civilization began when we started to communicate and cooperate. modern society would not exist if people could not share their ideas. if only i could get hold of one of those universal translators that they use in star trek to convert any language into english. seriously, am i alone here? dont you remember the episode of DS9 when quark and his brother get sent back in time/space to civil war era america? their universal translators malfunctioned? there was that whole scene where they were hitting their heads to make them work and then the soldiers started doing it because they thought it was a greeting and

well i'll spare you any more of that. be warned, the whole staticwarp thing is a not so thinly veiled star trek reference. it comes up a lot. for me. mostly because i talk to myself. a lot.

"if we could recalibrate the phase inducers to create an inverse tachyon pulse, we could direct it at the anomaly and create a static warp shell, which could reverse the devastating havoc it is wreaking on the space/time continuum."

oh yes.

but seriously, three wishes. i know what my first would be. anyone else care to share?

sz/sw out

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Bunnywith said...

Well, I would wish for the ability to fly! I've wanted to fly since I was little, so that wish is staying the same. I've never thought about the other two wishes, but thanks to you and the new idea you've put in my head, if I ever find a genie who will give me three wishes, my second wish will make me fluent in all languages!
And with my wishes, I will fly all over the world and talk with all the people I meet.