Thursday, June 08, 2006

i work for a company called filtronic comtek, which is "like, totally international". the company started in the UK, then branched out overseas, and now has locations all over europe, a few in china, and a few here in the states. one of the cool things about working for an international company is that when they need something done in a certain location but dont have the manpower readily available, they take some extra people from one place and ship them temporarily to another. such was the case last week, when a guy named joe got shipped over here from west yorkshire, england.

he was only here for a few days, but in those days he and i became friends and i had an opportunity to get a european perspective on all kinds of things from alcohol to fights to politics and more.

i found out that in the UK people get into bar fights all the fucking time. also bartenders and waitstaff are paid a standard wage instead of working for tips. he asked me why they work for tips here and get paid less than minimum wage, and after i asked him a few questions i figured out that the average entree in the UK costs about twice as much as it does here, and you get less food. he said that when he went to outback steakhouse he had to pick his jaw up off the ground because they just kept putting food on the table, even though he only ordered one thing. i attribute this to the decrease in labor cost that restaurants here enjoy because waitstaff and bartenders rely on their good service to get the customer to pay their bills instead of the company. i then had the chance to see him tip a bartender for the first time. i found out that the average truck or SUV that is so common here would never be seen on the roads in the UK, because they just wouldnt fit!

he had a lot of stories to tell, and we talked about all types of shit. the conversation eventually came round to politics and the "issues", as it inevitably does. i found that we agreed on quite a lot of things, and were similarly frustrated at the problems facing the average citizen today. when the topic eventually came round to muslims, his mood visibly darkened. now before the liberal in you cries racism and condemns this man as a backwoods, blair/bush loving conservative bible thumper narrow minded sloth, hear me out.

he told me, in no uncertain terms, about the muslim takeover of europe. anyone with eyes, ears and a brain can see that it is happening, so long as they dont make a special effort to deny the facts and accept the media blackout. he told me about the takeover of entire neighborhoods. about how on his block he is one of the few non muslim people left. about how muslims are coming into europe and taking advantage of every little inch that the liberal and free society will give them, forcing them to surrender miles more, and then quite literally looking down on europeans and shaming them by saying, "well what have you done for us?" already they are beginning to demand that europeans abide by muslim laws.

i cant recall all the horror stories he told me. but i remember well his description of the situation. "y'see, it's like right now europe is the titanic. and we're at the stage where we've just hit the iceberg, the captain's told everyone to remain calm, and everyone's playing football on deck with the ice. but right under them, the ship's taking on water. pretty soon we'll be all the way under. that's why i'm getting out. that's why my mates and my family want to get out too."

i've heard leftist radicals in this country talk about wanting to move to europe just because bush is in office. if you ask me, a two term president who pushes his own agenda before that of the people is not enough to warrant desertion of one's homeland. an unofficial hostile takeover, however, would be a different story. perhaps some people would be content to live in europe under sharia law. america has its problems, but it's still one of the best places on earth to be born and to live. right now its smooth sailing, but i suggest we keep our eyes out for the iceberg.

sz out

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