Wednesday, June 07, 2006

i havent posted here in a while. today i'm going to write about why.

i started this particular site as a way to get into the newsblog/punditry thing, hence the name. i have always had a certain soft spot in my cold, black little heart for current issues, and when i analyze them and think about them i can usually come up with some pretty intelligent things to say about them. i was also inspired by the likes of gatewaypundit, michelle malkin, and neal boortz. i was also very bored at the time and i had an old, slow laptop in front of me that was only good for pissing about on the internet. i also needed an outlet with which to talk about these things without getting into a pissing match with someone who disagreed with me.

so why did i stop? well, think for a moment about any conversation you've ever had with anyone about politics or current events (i'm not talking about american idol or laguna beach). chances are it became somewhat heated, whether you agreed with one another or not. it takes passion to blog about this shit. you have to be fired up about it. why do you think all those protesters look so pissed off? why do you think the most successful pundits are perpetually disgruntled? because that's what enables you to talk about the same issues for months on end. to take sides. to care at all about the process, the politics, the people, the killing, the money, the power, the issues. after a while i started noticing the way my favorite pundits wind up bringing out the same talking points, recycling pet causes, basically becoming redundant. but they never lost their passion for what they were talking about. i did. i cant force myself to care so vigorously about an issue that i stay pissed off about it once i come up with a solution. not that my ideas will ever be implemented. but when sensible people think things through, work together to find real solutions and apply them cooperatively, things get done. our government is not composed of sensible people. neither is the majority of our population. that is why things dont get done.

i need a beer.

got it. thats why i stopped writing about politics. about news. about issues. the redundancy of it all wore away at me until i couldnt force myself to care. now i settle for reading about it, commenting on it, thinking about it, and letting it go. this site started as a place to rant about the issues. but i think that the issues are but a small part of its destiny. i'll never lose my passion completely, but i recognize the futility of punditry, and it's just not fun enough to stay mad about this shit if you arent getting paid to do so.

so the next post will probably have something to do with talking cereal, or mature water buffalo porn.

sz out


MicLitter said...

Politics are a tricky form of verbal jiu-jitsu. You find people use the cheapest maneuvers in political debates to get you in a headlock and choke you out.
I hate arguing in general, but I've improved at it over the years. You simply learn not to hold strong views about things you don't fully understand. It's always better to listen more than talk... it's the easiest way to get the last word in.
This is where humor takes the place of firey passion in the game of political muckraking. The true masters in political commentary are not fire-breathing ragers like Michael Moore or pedantic scholars like Noam Chomsky, but surly, soft-spoken wiseasses. People like Bill Maher, John Stewart, Stephen Colbert... they get the point across brilliantly with deadpan, dry-witted cynicism.
Passion should always take a back seat when arguing political views... especially when you know you're RIGHT. You want to be able to argue in favor of your opposition's side of the argument just as strongly as your own. It benefits any debater to be skeptical of even their strongest-held views. This way, you always have the upper hand.
I watch the O'Reilly factor as well as listen to G. Gordon Liddy and Rush Limbaugh JUST to get ANGRIER, and observe my lardass middle-age contender's technique. I read five English-print international papers in tandem with listening to NPR, watching C-Span and surfing the 'net for the most fucked-up shit I can find. "Vicariously I live, while the whole world dies."
Effectively scathing political ramble all rests on one's genuine ability to laugh at the great cosmic joke, while still holding true to one's ideals. To recognize the futility in ANY attempt at resolution of ANY kind is the humble beginning any truth-lover returns to again and again, with the whole mongoloid populace pointing fingers and mocking.

MicLitter said...
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staticwarp said...

well said! ^_^