Monday, June 19, 2006

fresh meat for the grinder

new girl started today. it was funny to watch my bosses be all nervous and fawn all over her and act somewhat foolish in what appeared to be a fatherly yet somewhat lustful happiness that she had come to work with us. homegirl was quite nervous and more than a little shy, but hot damn can she work. she came in after orientation (you know that boring part at the start of every job where they show you videos and you do paperwork) and banged out a job order that would take most of our staff (excluding me of course, for it is known that i am the man) 4 or 5 hours in about 2 or 3. i was thoroughly impressed. oddly enough, she seemed to think it took her way too long. i think this one will work out. i hope her shyness dissipates a bit as the weeks wear on. she doesnt know the art of slacking (of which i am a decorated master) either. i suppose she will have to learn, or be left behind! ha!

the kicker? my bosses hired her because of her ass. but because of the blue ESD shirt we wear, you totally cant see it! ha! ha ha! the eye runny. get it? no? eat one then. i am rarely in the mood.

lets do some embedding! no, you can keep your clothes on. unless you really want to get naked...

recently i discovered youtube, and through it, the vlog. (vidlog, for the uninitiated or acronym deduction impaired) i pissed around watching people's vlogs for an hour or so. some were cool, like the american who lives in china:

or the german middle school kids:

the german middle school kids were actually interesting, although i didnt watch the whole thing. oddly enough i found plenty of other vlogs by middle school students that were totally boring, yet dealt with the same subject matter (or lack thereof). i guess its just cool because they are speaking german.

there were an unnerving amount of vlogs similar to this one with the middle school girl talking about nothing and having on way too much makeup. (this from an aspiring drag queen!)

by far the coolest one i found was this vlog that summed up my entire experience, right down to the last part. try to suffer through the whole thing and share this guy's pain.

another interesting phenomena is the number of deaf people with vlogs. i clicked on a few and there would be like some guy or girl speaking mad sign language. and these people had some of the more interesting vlogs, because there is mad debate over shit going on in the deaf vlogging community. the one that jumped out at me was this debate over whether or not deaf vlogs should be subtitled. i totally dont speak sign language so i would have to go with yeah, it would be cool if they were. but i can see how this would spark debate.

some of the vlogs i saw were dumb, some strange, some intriguing and some were downright disturbing. all in all, vlogs are just like blogs, by and large they are pretty fucking boring, and there are a shitload of them. A REAL HUGE FUCKING 5 TON SHITLOAD. plus the word vlog is totally whack just like the word blog. but if you look hard enough you stumble upon some that are worth checking out.

so of course i have been inspired to do one of these myself. i've seen enough bad ones to know what not to do, and i've got some ideas and a camera. so when the shit blows up its blowin up like your stepdad in the bathroom after 8 beers and a can of chili, bitch!

i also need some video editing software. i cant run windows movie maker on win98, (indeed, i live in the stone age) and most other free edit software is mad complicated. anybody know of some fairly easy to use, free/reasonably priced video editing programs?

sz/sw out

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Ariel said...

wow. that last vlog was awesome...
he looked so enthused.