Tuesday, June 13, 2006

damn this unholy post dawn sunshine. by the time i get home from work and get shit squared away to the point where i can waste time on the internet until i get tired (which never really happens) the fucking sun comes up. people are waking up, brewing coffee, getting the paper and having a good fart before going about their busy days. how about, like, three more hours of darkness, please?

the maintenance guy at my place of employment is a total whack job. not total, he's a good cat and all, but definitely eccentric. basically the wierd thing about this guy is that he talks to himself. more than i do. more than anyone i have ever met. and he does it while you are standing right next to him. even when he's looking right at you in an attempt to feign conversation, he is still just talking to himself. i'll try to respond and converse normally but he'll just keep right on talking, staring straight through me like some sort of tunisian warlord.

breaking news: the worst thing about my lifestyle right now is that i am near totally introverted by way of my schedule. get up at 3 to be at work by 3, get there 20 minutes late. work until 230 am. well, when i say "work" its sort of subjective because all i really do is bullshit on the internet for at least 4 hours, leave for lunch without clocking out, and then around 10 or 11 i bust ass like there's no tomorrow to make it look like i really worked for 12 hours. so far, this has been an effective strategy.

but back to my schedule and the way it has destroyed my life. everyone i know, my family (whom i live with, much to the detriment of my otherwise bacheloresque lifestyle) included, operates in/on normal human time. which consists of getting up before like, dusk. and going to bed before midnight. in six minutes someone in my house will wake up, fart really loud, and start their day as i am just forcing myself to go to sleep. so this really puts the towel on my rack, so to speak. when i could be lifting weights and doing tae bo in the living room, everyone in the house is snoring. when i could be drinking and chainsmoking by the computer (well i cant smoke inside, much to my inner bachelor's chagrin) while reading random blogs and flaming people anonymously, they are starting to stir in their beds, eager to get up and do whatever it is that they do all day. and thats just at home!

all of my friends are on this same type of normal human schedule. so while i'm busting down 12 hours worth of work in 4 hours, my friends are finishing their beers and getting ready to go home to their wives/dogs/porn/tv and then off to bed. so when i'm done at work i wind up with nothing to do but clandestinely drink at the computer and smoke outside. the kicker is that once i really get down to brass tits and i'm about to catch a buzz and maybe be able to sleep, everyone gets up, so i have to stop drinking.

i cant win. i need to move the hell back out of here. i have absolutely no problem with rarely seeing my friends or family because of our differing schedules. but if i am the only one who lives like this, wouldnt it make more sense for me to be truly alone? like in my own domain type of thing.

i think so. i would keep writing but people are getting up and disrupting my flow. i just heard a massive fart.

see what i mean?

sz/sw out

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