Thursday, June 22, 2006

70 days / to my brother and sister

approximately 70 days until i leave here to truly begin living. poi. tae bo. weightlifting. bill paying. djing. clubbing. playing music. having my own space. holy eucharist, man. it seems like fereher, but in my experience fereher is neher long enough. it goes by faster than your stepdad can bust a massive fart.

i dont care if you are happy or sad, pissed off about something or someone, or jubilant about your latest epiphany or whatever. savor that shit, because tomorrow you'll wake up and your 23rd birthday is next week.

i dread getting old. and yes, after 28 you are old. and i will be 28 in 5.5 years. considering how fast the last 5 years have gone by, i am currently trying to live every fucking day to the fullest. if you're young and depressed, buck the fuck up. dont keep that shit about you. life goes on and there is nothing more depressing than being 30 and depressed.

i want you to dream, i want you to make those dreams come true. i want you to love and hate, i want you to feel every pain and every joy. please stop spending every day thinking you are nothing, because you are everything. find yourself. make yourself. BE YOURSELF. no one else will do it for you. i hope happiness finds you. i know it will, and i'll be there as much as i can.

poonem/sz/sw out

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